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How to fix rear window wind noise

Many 5th gen. owners complain about rear window wind noise. A TSB exists for '00 and '01 Maximas, but all 5th generations can exhibit this issue. If you're outside your warranty or just prefer to do it yourself, it's an inexpensive and simple fix.


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The wind noise comes from the rear corner of the rear windows. I purchased 3M foam tape from a local auto parts store (Advance Auto Parts) for around 8 bucks. The strip is 1/2" x 3/4" and is adhesive on one side:

Home Depot also sells the weather strip, but in a slightly different dimension. Just try to get foam weather stripping in a similar size to the foam picture above and it should do the trick.



  1. Roll window all the way down. The seal that needs removed is traced in red.

  2. Remove the seal above as far as possible. It's easiest to start the removal just below the corner.

  3. Install foam in the channel where the seal was installed:

  4. While the TSB doesn't mention it, I also added foam into the channel in the seal for good measure:

  5. Reinstall seal
  6. Enjoy a quieter interior!

This can be performed on the front windows as well to further quiet your interior if you prefer.


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