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How to touch up paint chips and scratches with Langka

Many 5th gen owners complain about paint chips. If you don't install a clear bra they're inevitable. Langka is an easy way to greatly improve the results of touching up paint chips with factory touch up paint. It removes the typical blob of paint that occurs whenever a chip is touched up.



1. Wash car

2. Remove rust with a fine sandpaper or rust removal pen

3. Touch up chip/scratch with touch-up paint. Make sure to shake thoroughly before applying.

4. Allow paint to dry

5. Wrap a soft tightly woven cloth such as a T-shirt or old sheet around the provided blue card

6. Apply a small amount of Langka to the cloth

7. Rub gently until surface of repaired area is even with the surrounding paint

8. Repeat process if too much of the touch-up paint is removed


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