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How to clean or replace the in-cabin microfilter

The in cabin microfilter should be cleaned/replaced once a year or every 15,000 miles. The filter came standard on '02-'03 Maxima's and was an option on '00-'01's. Even if your Max doesn't have an in cabin filter, you can order one from Courtesy Nissan or your local dealer. All 5th gen's come with the cabin filter housing and plumbing. However, the replacement filters are made out of a different material then the original filter and must be replaced when dirty instead of cleaned.
  1. Determine if you Maxima is equipped with the in-cabin filter. Check for this label in your glove box:

  2. Remove screws around glove box
  3. Pull glove box toward you. Retaining clips will release. It takes quite a bit of pressure to remove the retaining clips so don't be alarmed.
  4. This picture shows the plugs disconnected, however, DO NOT DISCONNECT these plugs. Instead, remove the two clips (in the lower left hand side of the picture) that attach the yellow air bag plug to glove box housing with needle nose pliers. This will allow the glove box to fall down far enough to allow access to the filter.


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    Remove glove box bulb housing by twisting counter clockwise.
  6. The filter housing is now visible - It is the white rectangle in the center of the picture. Remove the black clip and the bottom of the filter housing circled in red with pliers:

  7. Slide the filter out of the housing. My filter was pretty nasty looking for a 1yr. old car. A ton of leaves and bugs fell out when I removed it.

  8. Dip and stir the filter in warm soapy water if it is the original or replace if necessary.
  9. Rinse filter
  10. Allow to air dry
  11. Reinstall filter and reassemble glove box.


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