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How to rewire the fogs to come on without the headlights

The fogs can easily be rewired to allow them to be run without the headlights. The fog light switch on the turn signal stalk still continues to turn the fogs off and on as before - the only difference is the fogs can be turned on without the headlights. This is a especially great mod for those with DDE's. The best part: This mod is nearly free.

Please note: While the fogs still shut off when the high beams are turned on (in accordance with various state laws), in some states it's illegal to have fogs on without headlights and could cause you to fail inspection. Be sure to check your local laws before proceeding.


  • Wire strippers
  • Quick tap (can be purchased from Radioshack)
  • Extremely small flathead screwdriver
  • Extremely small philips screwdriver or other device with tiny thin tip

Locate fuse box on passenger side of engine compartment next to antifreeze overflow tank:


Remove fuse box cover by squeezing the tab on the right side of the box and pulling up:

With the cover removed all the relays are visible. Each one of the blue and orange boxes are a relay. You can determine which relay does what by referencing the cover.:


Remove the 3 tabs on the engine side of the box with a flat head screwdriver:


Two of the three are visible here circled in red:

The tabs on the engine side are circled in red:


Remove the tabs on the corners of the body side of the box with a very small screwdriver or other pointy object. There is a small access hole on each corner of the fuse box on the body side. Below is the left access hole circled in red:


Squeeze the tabs on the center of the body side of the fuse box toward one another. The tabs that need squeezed toward each other are circled in red:

6. Cut the fog light wire around 3 inches from the base of the relay.

'02-03: Cut the blue wire with the silver spots on it. It should be coming out of the fog relay. Check the fuse box cover to confirm you're looking at the fog light wire coming out of the fog light relay.

The '02-'03 wire:

'00-'01: Cut the yellow wire with two silver horizontal lines on it coming out of the fog relay. Check the fuse box cover to confirm you're looking at the fog light wire coming out of the fog light relay.


Cover the end of the fog wire running down into the car with electrical tape and tuck it away:

8. Strip the fog light wire that is coming out of the relay (the wire found in step #6)

Use quick splice to splice the fog wire you just stripped to the taillight wire (red with green stripe and silver spots):

Quick splice installed:

10. Turn on parking lights and fogs. Fogs should come on with your parking lights! If not, check your splice and wiring.

Reassemble the fuse box. The finished product:


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