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How to resolve front end suspension noise

After installing new struts and springs, some complain of various noises. There are a number of points which should be double checked if you experience noises that didn't previously exist before the spring/strut installation.

  1. Some noises from the front suspension are normal for a few days after the springs are installed. These are just due to the spring settling. Many have reported the noises went away after a few days.
  2. The Illuminas don't have a mount for both point on the break line. Therefore, the brake line can make noises knocking against the plastic wheel well. Secure the brake line so it doesn't knock against the wheel well plastic as you see fit.
  3. Be sure to observe the manufacturer torque specifications outlined in the how-to.
  4. Assure the spring isolator is covering the bottom of the spring and the tip of the bottom of the spring isn't rubbing against the perch. To keep the isolator from slipping off the end of the spring again, use 3M Scotch-Grip on the inside of the isolator to assure the isolator doesn't slide around on the spring.
  5. Make sure the "OUT" marking on the top hat is facing out toward the tire rather than in toward the vehicle.
  6. Check the condition of the strut bearing to assure it wasn't damaged during installation. The strut bearing allows the strut to turn in the mount as the wheel is turned. If this is the issue, the sound can be reproduced when the car is parked and the wheel is turned lock to lock.
  7. If you hit a huge pothole and have noticed a "loose" noise since the incident, you may have damaged the wheel bearing. This almost sounds like the wheel is loose. This is also a fairly common issue on 5th gen Maxima's, as you can see in this thread. (15 out of 78 people surveyed on Maxima.org have had this issue at some point)

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