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How to replace fog light bulbs (And match the factory HIDs if you like)

NOTE: The PIAA Super Plasma fog bulbs pictured below have since been discontinued. PIAA does make the Super Plasma GT-X but they are not as good a color match as the original Super Plasma. If you have pics of the GT-X bulbs that I can post here for comparison purposes or a're aware of a better match please contact me.

I installed PIAA 55W H3 Super Plasma Fog lights to match the factory HIDS. The fogs were purchased from Options Auto Salon. I'm really happy with the results. An excellent match with the factory HIDS in my opinion. The install process is pretty simple:

1. Jack up car or put car on ramps for easy access.

2. Remove screw, bolt, and plastic pop tab from plastic guard underneath the fog light.

3. Unplug wiring harness using a small screwdriver to press the release tab.

4. Remove 2 bolts from the back of the fog light housing.

5. Push on the back of the fog light to pop it out.

6. Remove the back of the housing by unscrewing counter-clockwise.

7. Remove screw holding metal pin down and disconnect the black bulb connector by wiggling connector back and forth while pulling.

8. Perform steps in reverse order taking care not to touch the bulb.

The results!




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